Tailor made luxury: your ultra-modular sofa

November 5, 2012 Comments Off on Tailor made luxury: your ultra-modular sofa

Tailor Made is the name of a modern sofa which falls into the category of our favourite modular furniture. We’ve talked about this furniture a lot since it allows us to configure it according to our needs and preferences. The most interesting part of the design is that, aside from being able to reorganize the modules, you can change the depth of the sofa, the arms can be removed (they feature three different heights), and, of course, we can play with all the colors you want.
There are parts that have an attached surface, consisting of a wooden board on which you can place objects, decorations etc. The structure of this sofa is made of aluminum, one piece and in different colors which match perfectly with the chosen upholstery (leather or fabric).

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