The carnival of lights: the bridge near the Uruguayan Villa Carlos Paz

January 23, 2013 Comments Off on The carnival of lights: the bridge near the Uruguayan Villa Carlos Paz

A new bridge in Uruguay is 150 m long. The internal space features movable wall partitions, glazing parts, new floor and ceiling, air conditioning and heating, sanitary and reception areas and bar. The bridge is a whole new structure that brings new vision of the bridges and architectural splendours. It will host museum events, parades and will become a cultural centre of all travel tours.
While the new bridge in Uruguay provides the secure access for both pedestrians and vehicles from one side to the other side of the river, it is also true that not a single day misses the great landscape. This new bridge needed a special touch to give a special charm of the night and transform itself into a real eye-catcher in the city. The light is a symbol of life. This is why we see a waterfall of colour variations. The light and colours are chosen by the Master Studio Lighting. What is truly special is that the bridge has a low power consumption and minimum maintenance. The essence of developments is the OSRAM light emitting diodes, LEDs.
With the control system there were generated rhythmic audio scenes and the lighting is synchronized with the music, creating life and movement on the architecture. There will be 4 daily functions of the music and colours. Then upon specific time durations the bridge will change its colours and scenes which vary over time.

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