The City of Culture of Galicia- beyond the imagination

July 6, 2012 Comments Off on The City of Culture of Galicia- beyond the imagination

The City of Culture of Galicia is an architectural, cultural and entertainment centre, located in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. The resort tries to reconcile the assets of the knowledge, research, development and cultural essentials.
The construction project of the City of Culture was started in 1999 when the Board of Galicia organized a international architectural competition.
Initially, twelve proposals were submitted for the competition. All proposals were thoroughly assessed and the chosen project was the architectural design of Eisenman Architects, which maintains both conceptual uniqueness and exceptional harmony with the place.
Peter Eisenman is US architect, a member of the Five Architects association in New York. He honoured a degree in architecture at Cornell University, he has Ph.D. degree in philosophy from Cambridge University and fine arts degree from the University of Chicago. He was a professor in some of the world’s most prestigious universities as Harvard, Cambridge, Princeton, Yale and Ohio. His architectural company was established in 1980 in New York.

Gaiás complex covers an area of 141,800 m2.
We decided to present this true example of creativity, innovation and sublime lines that would inspire architects and culture enthusiasts for years to come.


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