The city of mountains and water – Sha Shui City

December 24, 2012 Comments Off on The city of mountains and water – Sha Shui City

Today we present the project, called Sha Shui City. It is the ‘city of mountains and water’, one of those refreshing architectural landmarks that inspire. This time it seems to be built in Guiyang, a city in southern China, with three million inhabitants. The idea belongs to one of the most talented architects of our time: Ma Yansong (MAD Architects).
The project has been inspired by some settlements of ancient China, where it was essential to dominate the land and the water, and building cities in strategic locations. It aims to be a unique model of urban planning in a country which is still growing at a rapid pace, based on sustainability. The proposal combines urban construction with the natural environment, vertical structures (mountains) and water resources. Sha Shui City is defined by curved lines and it is one of the most remarkable architectural projects I have seen this month.


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