The Cloud of MVRDV- remarkable architectural piece

December 16, 2011 Comments Off on The Cloud of MVRDV- remarkable architectural piece

 If you know some of the projects MVRDV, you will quickly easily recognize that they have created these skyscrapers  with a cloud pixel in the center. The unusual shape is created from a powerful three-dimensional orthogonal frame  and distinguishable holes. The Cloud  and its presentation is somehow controversial, because it remembers ‘something’ that many did not like.
The project will be fulfilled in Seoul, particularly in the new Dreamhub Yongsan business district and is primarily intended to serve as luxury residents. Like any other project of MVRDV, it is simple to describe: there are two identical square towers, but of different heights (300 and 260 meters). From the floor 27th both skyscrapers join the united structure tp form the Cloud (10 stories high), leaving a large interior common area, including conference rooms, fitness center, pools, restaurants and cafes. Those roofs are covered with gardens, terraces and pools, alternating public and private spaces.
According to the architects, this design allows free surface at ground floor garden areas (designed by Martha Schwartz). Each floor has four apartments, ranging from 80 up to 260m2, leaving the upper floors of both towers 1.200m2 penthouses. The project also accommodates offices that combine traditional Korean office and hotel.
The Cloud is not that we are passionate about, but the cloud will end up being more of a cloud in the career of these famous architects. The towers are scheduled for completion by 2015.


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