The Freedom Tower – prepare yourself for freedom

November 26, 2014 Comments Off on The Freedom Tower – prepare yourself for freedom

The One World Trade Center in New York (also known as Freedom Tower) opened a couple of days ago. Condé Nast started moving its offices which occupy 24 floors of the skyscraper.
This design of the Freedom Tower replaces the Twin Towers destroyed in September 11, 2001, and finally it has nothing to do with the original draft Libeskind since it was amended in 2005 following a police report which recommended greater safety for the building.
The Freedom Tower is also the iconic tower of the whole project of rebuilding Ground Zero. It has 104 floors and a height of 1,776 feet (541m), a symbolic number representing the year of the Independence of the United States, with a total area of 325.000m2, intended for offices, parking lots.
The US Army Corps of Engineers and several Chinese companies will also occupy some of the space in the skyscrapers.
According to data published on CNN, the cost of the Freedom Tower has reached 3,900 million dollars.

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