The Hilltop House by Safdie Rabines

July 2, 2009 Comments Off on The Hilltop House by Safdie Rabines

A stunning design, with a lovely garden, mind blowing views, extraordinary interiors, lavish furnishing, a pool to relax in, this breathtaking hilltop house is located just north of San Diego. Extremely spacious and with energy saving features (to not worry about heating and cooling in changing seasons), all these make it not just a dream house but a true delight in every aspect. We love the shiny tiles and those wooden accents on the inside and more importantly the way it looks at night with all those lights … A brilliant design by Safdie Rabines!


Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-2 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-3 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-4 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-5 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-6 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-7 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-8 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-9 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-10 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-11 Hilltop-House-by-Safdie-Rabines-12

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