The Museum Mercedes-Benz, architectural piece in Stuttgart

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Studio is a team, led by Dutch architects Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos and Tobias Walliser, who were in charge of the design of the new automobile museum in Stuttgart. The building was built quite fast, just in 2,5 years since Mercedes-Benz didn’t want to miss the chance to have the building completed before the start of the World Cup in Germany.
The building has became an icon of the city. Here we will find the 120-year history of the legendary car and the company Mercedes-Benz which even little ones are familiar with. The museum also gives interesting perspectives for the future. Look at the photos and you will see it reflected in the design of the building. This impressive architectural piece is a bond with the future, but also retains the relation with traditions. The architecture embodies the brand’s heritage. The exhibition in the museum also reflects a unique and innovative concept: nine planes with a total area of 16,500 square meters are shelter 160 vehicles and over 1,500 objects, distributed along two routes.
The building marks the entrance of Stuttgart, from highway B14 where it is located, directly to the city. It is located next to the factory of the consortium the Gottlieb Daimler stadium, which hosted several matches of the World Cup in 2006.
The geometry of the building consists of a symmetrical plant with three leaves, resembling the DNA spiral that keeps the human genetic code. The metaphor refers to information that preserves within himself: firstly, the heritage of Mercedes-Benz, and the other reason lies behind the constructive side.
The interior is the kingdom: gentle lines create the feeling of uniqueness and harmony. .
The building perfectly fits the urban landscape around it (the football stadium, the test track and the centre itself, the gas and oil tanks near the river, and the green hills of vineyards). From the outside, the building looks like a curve of the highway, clearly serving as a new gateway to the city.
The Mercedes-Benz Museum has a base area of 4,800 square meters, a height of 47.5 meters and is built on an area 210,000 m2.
You will need at least 2 hours to visit the museum, embark on a journey through times, commemorating the 120 years of automotive history.
Even before visitors access the new museum, they welcomed by a selection of Mercedes-Benz cars from previous generations with a spectacular lighting adorning the underground parking. This is a separate exhibition called “Fascination Technique” which is accessible from the outside. In several exhibitions, made with attention of details, visitors can take a look at the daily work of engineers in the development departments of Mercedes-Benz, including perspectives on the future of the automobile industry.
110,000 tons of concrete were used for the construction of the complex. Outside façade is made of aluminum sheets and glass. The ramps are covered with hardwood. Glass and aluminum are wrapped around the concrete substructure inclined in horizontal lines.
Among the peculiarities of the museum, we would accent on the pillarless roof, covering 33 meters width, it can withstand the weight of ten trucks, as well as supporting elements of double curvature.

We can talk much about this impressive museum, but you should touch Mercedes-Benz ability to inspire and build traditions. Alternatively, enjoy these photos, share the love if you like this post or don’t miss to leave your comment.

The Museum Mercedes Benz Architecture

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