The power of transformation – a detached house of my dreams

December 31, 2012 Comments Off on The power of transformation – a detached house of my dreams

The house which I present you today, is located in the old town of Palma. The transformations made by different tenants had left a succession of disproportionate size rooms, different interior designs and service areas that satisfy the needs of the residents.
The lighting pieces create a center where we find the white lacquered wood which is supported by a line of LEDs on the floor, as well as volumes which connect the living area and the bedroom.
The area becomes an open space that features high luminosity through the glass surfaces.
You will notice form the photos that the walls are lacquered in white. This uniformity with white light as if seeks to achieve the maximum contrast with different furniture piece.
The end result is a large and bright detached house. The areas connect with each other, defined by different heights of the ceiling and the game of various crystal planes with different lighting solutions.


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