The Prospect House: home and office

October 31, 2011 Comments Off on The Prospect House: home and office

 This luxury home is situated in San Diego, USA on an area of 669m2. The architect has built this house for his family, but it also serves as a workplace due to the interesting working space in the basement. Despite being a relatively new building, the interior design and furniture would be a great pleasure for vintage enthusiasts like me.
In general, the house is quite attractive and it is adapted to the triangular plot that it occupies. Garden areas add a special finish to this luxury home. The house has three floors with a basement area which is accessed directly from the outside (the garage) and by the main staircase of the building. The ground floor is the main residential area which is very open to all spaces: it is close to the swimming pool and opposite the porch with a view to the garden. Typical of US households, the kitchen and dining spaces are integrated into the living room.    On the other side of the swimming pool there is a small room with a bathroom and shower, so complete relaxation after a day of swimming is guaranteed and even one should not go inside the house to have some rest.
The house is a project of Jonathan Segal.

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