The Studio by Branch Studio Architects

April 19, 2013 Comments Off on The Studio by Branch Studio Architects

Let’s take a look at the  small space, created by two architects, a landscape architect and  designer.

The shape of this building consists of architectural volumes which maximize the beauty of the views. The architects face the challenge to take the most of the splendid garden.
The landscape architecture directly faces a small courtyard garden. The front door opens the space to shape an informal threshold and meeting workspaces.
In the house natural plywood floors and ceilings contrast with the white walls. All the woodwork is custom designed with laser cut plywood layers. The woodwork is carved and shaped  in order to also create workstation tables and benches.

There isn’t so much to be said about the project by Branch Studio Architects. You just should take a closer look at the photos and find your daily dose of inspiration!

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