The transformation of BASF offices in Mexico City

February 15, 2013 Comments Off on The transformation of BASF offices in Mexico City

The headquarters to the German company BASF are located in Mexico City. They have recently had a major refurbishment of both the spaces and facilities. The total transformation covered an area of about 5000m2, spread over 5 floors of the seven structures which compose the building. Modifications have been aimed at deploying a modern interior as well as improving the energy efficiency of the property, following sustainable guidelines. As a result of the transformation, the office has become the first building that has acquired a LEED certification in Mexico.
The ground floor is intended to serve as a reception (waiting area and access points), and showroom space for the exhibition of some of the company’s products. Of course the presence of the corporate logo plays a major role here (it is located on a wall). There are public spaces, meeting rooms, two of them feature a moving wall in order to provide flexible use. The rooms feature audiovisual equipment and different types of screens. The dining room has 100 seats, but its use is mixed since it can also function as an auditorium.
Second and sixth floor have mainly open working spaces, except the top floor, which is intended for the senior management. The distribution of functions is reflected perfectly in the floor plan, although it is difficult to find the exact location of the ‘phone boots’, that are a kind of private communication cabins of employees. There are also small meeting rooms, and an interesting area for rest (casual collision) and informal meeting spaces, but the area on each floor is designed differently. This is perhaps the most funny part of the project .
Work zones are separated by a system with low-level screens, and they have a major impact on the color that was added to some parts of the floor, walls, and the geometry that has defined the lighting on the ceiling. Everything is implemented to create an interior that provides a pleasant, modern working environment.
This transformation and interior have been done by the architectural company SPACE, managed by architect Juan Carlos Baumgartner.

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