Theatre Spijkenisse (Netherlands), UNStudio

December 1, 2014 Comments Off on Theatre Spijkenisse (Netherlands), UNStudio

The Spijkenisse Theatre (also known as Theatre of Stoep) is a project by architects UNStudio. It is built in the Dutch town of Spijkenisse and the theatre tries to respond to the cultural dynamism of the municipality, with a modern architecture to strengthen the magic of the performing arts, while providing a nice place for entertainment and meeting.
The project reaches 5.800m2, and covers a large room with capacity for 650 spectators, and a smaller one with 200 seats. There are also several halls, a café-restaurant, coffee artists, a VIP lounge, dressing rooms, several multi-purpose rooms, and offices. All this together in a single volume of various textures, white and opaque at the top, and glass on the facade of the lower levels.
The main areas of the program have been arranged to have an efficient flow of traffic within the building, maintain a logical relationship to the environment and leverage existing natural slope of the area. Following these criteria, the two theaters are located in a facing position and directly connected to the main lobby, allowing visitors to access them almost directly from the square outside.
The cafeteria in Spijkenisse Theatre is located near the water, and interestingly it is designed as if it were another room, following the shape of an amphitheater.
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