Tianjin Ecocity – a museum by Steven Holl Architects

February 1, 2013 Comments Off on Tianjin Ecocity – a museum by Steven Holl Architects

Due to the increasing pollution in the Bohai Bay, China, there was a designed   new city for 350,000 inhabitants. The ambitious project is a collaboration between the governments of Singapore and China, with a primary objective to become a true example of sustainable city.
With nearly a third of this “Eco-City” expected completion in 2020, the office of Steven Holl Architects was commissioned to design the first two buildings in the cultural district of the city: the museum of the ecology was the first objective. Like the “Ying Yang” Chinese, these buildings are in inverse relationships.
The project is not completed, but it speaks for itself, just look at the photos and share your opinion with us!

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