Tips for a Peaceful and Stylish Backyard

October 27, 2012 Comments Off on Tips for a Peaceful and Stylish Backyard

If you don’t spend much time in your backyard, it’s time to change that. The weather is cooling off and the nights are beautiful and it’s the perfect opportunity to create an outdoor area you love. You have the ability to turn any backyard space into a peaceful and attractive oasis. There are some simple ways you can transform your boring yard into an outdoor retreat by using an eclectic combination of the elements of feng shui (earth, wood, water, fire, metal) and today’s landscaping trends.

Landscaping Design

Choosing your landscaping design should depend on factors such as weather (for seasonal grass and plants) and how much maintenance you can dedicate to its upkeep. If you live in a climate that’s difficult to keep grass or sensitive trees and plants, using rock landscaping is a easy-to-maintain alternative. The use of rock or pavement in your yard doesn’t have to be boring. Combining colorful flower beds and maintainable palm or bamboo trees with metal lamps or copper fire pits create a perfect balance between natural and industrial.

Swimming Pool

If you want to add a swimming pool to your backyard and have the budget to do so, there are a few different options. Feng shui expert, Ken Lauher suggests a kidney-shaped pool curved toward your house for a smooth, flowing feel to your backyard. Having pool covers like those at In The Swim and/or adding a fountain in your pool can keep the water clean, which is crucial for feng shui design, with minimum maintenance. When planning your pool, make sure it’s proportionate to your house, don’t take up the entire yard. Lauher also suggests that if you have two pools, such as a child’s pool or hot tub and a regular-size pool, have a bridge or paving stones running between them for a connected and polished look.

Other Water Features

If your yard is too small for a pool or you don’t have the budget, a pond, fountain or smaller water feature can give your yard that oasis impression without being expensive or taking up a lot of room. Something traditional, like a Koi pond, can be an extremely peaceful and enjoyable addition to your yard but remember that upkeep is crucial. You have to keep the water clean and take care of the fish, turtles, plants and other organisms living there. Certain water features also depend on climate. A popular choice for many landscapers in a modern and artistic fountain. There are countless backyard fountain designs to suit your taste and feng shui layout. Fountains are a low-maintenance, generally inexpensive water feature that can make your yard look sophisticated and elegant.


Once you transform your yard into somewhere you want to be, you’ll naturally have to set up an area to sit, have guests and enjoy your space. HGTV suggests a circular seating area with benches for an intimate place for conversation. Make the space warm and inviting by adding colorful pillows to the benches. Feng shui practitioner, Susan Painter, suggests using a color theme in your yard blending “Yin” colors (blue, black, purple, white) that promote relaxation and healing with “Yang” colors (yellow, orange) that promote motivation and enthusiasm. When you’ve set up a comfortable seating area, adding a centerpiece, such as a table or fire pit, brings it together as an enticing and engaging place to congregate. For a solitary space, integrate a hammock or lounger in the corner as the perfect place for ultimate relaxation and “Zen.”

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