To enjoy your work: Twitter new offices in San Francisco

December 18, 2013 Comments Off on To enjoy your work: Twitter new offices in San Francisco

You will dream of being employed by Twitter. Not only you will like the landscaped terrace on the roof of the interesting building, but you will be curious to learn more about new headquarters of the social media giant.
Designed by IA Interior Architects and Lundberg Design, the offices of Twitter are located on the top two floors of an Art Deco building built in 1937. It’s hard to imagine that this building had served as a warehouse for furniture before just before it has been transformed into an office building.
As we have said, the most interesting part is the garden terrace space of over 2,000 square meters. You will definitely like the view to the city. Employees can relax on the couches or drink a cup of coffee since the terrace has a direct access from another of everyone’s favorite areas: the cafeteria.
The cafe is a large open space decorated in a simple, but tasteful manner and it looks like an extension of the terrace through the large window which unites the vegetation located inside the well-lit building and beautiful outdoor areas.
Architects successfully managed to transform an old furniture store into a bright, open space. Maybe the office lacks an atmosphere, though, because brand colours (especially the blue one) are somehow impersonal.
It is important to note that new Twitter offices in San Francisco have everything modern offices must have: spaces for team play, entertainment facilities, open and airy meeting rooms. Interestingly, except for some decorative details like the different T typefaces in the meeting room, you would not recognize that these are indeed new and modern Twitter offices.
Maybe employees should unlock their creativity and customize spaces upon their requests to create this special atmosphere which makes you feel much more productive at work.

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