Torre Azerbaijan: beyond the borders of heights

January 14, 2013 Comments Off on Torre Azerbaijan: beyond the borders of heights

In Azerbaijan they have proposed to break the record of currently the highest building in the world (Burj Khalifa) by building a skyscraper which will be 1050 meters. The venue will be part of artificial islands in the Caspian Sea (the Dubai style). It is located about 26km south of Baku, Khazar Islands. This colossus is known as Torre Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan Tower).
The proposal can be seen in these renderings as it is originally created. It is a skyscraper shaped by a group of cylindrical towers with the highest part in the center. In total 189 floors will shape a complex of buildings (including Formula 1 circuit) that would cost 100 million. The construction will be finished by the company Avesta Group, and is scheduled to be finished in 2016. It will be completed in two or three years, but the entire structure will not be finished until 2022.
The Azerbaijan Tower will exceed in height two other skyscraper projects that have not yet been built: the beautiful Kingdom Tower, and the Sky City megastructure.


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