Torres Hermitage Plaza in Paris- an architectural piece of art

March 12, 2012 Comments Off on Torres Hermitage Plaza in Paris- an architectural piece of art

Are you astounded? These photos represented Towers Hermitage Plaza in Paris which is designed by Foster + Partners. It is to be built east of LaDéfense (in the municipality of Courbevoie) and thus extend to the banks of the Seine. These twin towers are 320 meters high and it is expected that they will be the tallest skyscraper in Europe, so they will quickly become a new landmark in the city.
The project is developed in a collaboration between the planning authorities (EPAD), the city of Courbevoie, Atelier de Paysage Urbain and the Department of Hauts de Seine (Hauts-de-Seine) in order to further enhance the area of La Défense with a hotel, spa, panoramic apartments, offices and a shopping area.

Each tower is designed in such a way in order to offer great views of Paris and on each floor the glass façade is inclined (and can be opened) . This strategy is a passive solar protection in summer and helps to cool the interior which is unusual for high buildings. The project also aims to obtain BREEAM certification that features an energy efficiency.
The two towers, along with other buildings, close a public space that consists of a large garden, crossed by an underground passage along the river road. The square ends with a grand staircase which leads to the water.Speaking about the architecture, indeed the project stands out from the rest. However, it does seem to fulfill what most projects fail, it promotes sustainability.

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