Torsten Ottesjö’s work for complexity and clear lines

October 29, 2013 Comments Off on Torsten Ottesjö’s work for complexity and clear lines

Entering this apartment in the heart of Gothenburg is like being a part of the journey of the complex brain of the designer Torsten Ottesjö. Considering the customer’s desire to optimize the space, Ottesjö has transformed this apartment into a multilevel home which looks like a cozy nest. It consists of two levels, a bedroom, a bathroom with a shower, a fully equipped kitchen, an office, a closet, a living room and a dining room, everything in a space of 17m2 x 3.6 m.
The apartment was built with volume capacity in mind, but it also offers a multitude of options for changes to create a space with different views from all angles. The sections are placed not only relative to another, but also in relation to a single view.
The way that each section twists and folds into a small space is truly amazing. Ottesjö created a living space where you do not understand the intellectual work, but you pass through it intuitively. The light that goes through the wood paneling on the walls creates a comfort and a lightness which have become a signature of Ottesjö’s unique style.
This project is bold and beautiful and it challenges us to consider living in a simple, smaller space which can still keep its unique style. Inexpensive materials and small living spaces make this apartment a good example of how we can create and live in more sustainable cities. Instead of building simple homes , the Ottesjö’s aim is to build not a simple home, though, but an apartment which as if hugs you and manages to calm your mind.

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