Trahan Architects and their fusion of architecture and geometry

January 31, 2012 Comments Off on Trahan Architects and their fusion of architecture and geometry

The Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame (LSMSHOF) have something in common, they have a contemporary setting. Trahan Architects are the ones who constructed a building that “contributes to better understanding of different cultures that have shaped the state and are crucial for understanding the traditions and the legacy of Louisiana and the Gulf South. ” A complex design is created with the help of BIM technology, reflecting the different themes in a fluid structure framed in a facade inspired by the local surroundings. Located in Natchitoches, Louisiana, the state’s oldest settlement, the museum has a nice view to the Cane River Lake at the edge of Red River Valley. Being inspired by the landscape, Trahan Architects focused on the geometry of the buildings in the area in order to stress on distinguishing aspects of the different geographical forms.

The focus of the interior space is the atrium which serves as a space for community meetings or special events. A system of artificial stone panels is bathed only in natural light, reflecting in the walls.

Architects worked in a collaboration with the engineer David Kufferman in order to create a design method of the geometry and calculate the sophisticated steel that ensures each panel has its own set of connections.

The sophisticated approach allowed the experienced builders, engineers, manufacturers and retailers oversee their problems in the context of other offices and focus on solving problems, regardless of 3D capabilities. The fully detailed 3D model consists of more than 1,000 unique panels.

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