Transform your home with photo wallpapers by Pixers

March 1, 2013 Comments Off on Transform your home with photo wallpapers by Pixers

Create to be a vivid alternative to the greyish paint and boring wallpapers, photo murals can be a good solution if you wish to decorate the wall of a room or a bedroom. They are also an interesting option for interior decoration of commercial premises such as restaurants, hotels, fitness and beauty centre. The firm PIXERS used organic products with which they created a variety of environments, through an extensive catalog with images of  diverse world: from great landscapes, illustrations to drawings that are created with the great beauty in mind.
Photo wallpapers are of varying width and they represent different themes. The manufacturer has also decided to use different materials. The latex is a durable material and the vinyl is a good choice for wet rooms (kitchens, bathrooms), because it can be easily cleaned.
The interior decoration is tailored to customer’s needs, since from the website of the company you can upload a photo and then order your creative piece. Besides photo murals, Pixers also offers solutions on canvas paintings, posters, paintings on glass, vinyls, wall, and it can even offer a solution how to customize your laptop.

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