Transformation of a chalet in the Swiss Alps

May 30, 2012 Comments Off on Transformation of a chalet in the Swiss Alps

The Noisettes chalet is an old building with a stable roof and beautiful views over the Alps. It is located just outside of Gryon (Switzerland). Chalet’s plan is almost square and has three floors, one in basement, but I needed an expansion project to maintain its character and provide more space for family and guests, all with modern design.

Two small volumes were added, one on ground floor to extend the hall, and another two floors with a bathroom in each, all accessible from the staircase. This new construction has enabled a new internal organization that allowed some space in the bedrooms.
To soften the contrast with the old style, the wood siding of the new workspace was artificially aged. The interior is just a bit freshened, vivid colors are used in some areas, while others are covered with wood.

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