Travel Platform: Reichstag dome by Norman Foster

February 3, 2012 Comments Off on Travel Platform: Reichstag dome by Norman Foster

One of the most emblematic buildings of Berlin was opened in 1999. It is the Reichstag dome, designed by Norman Foster & Partners.
This project should be probably one of the most remarkable concepts by Foster and it has become one of the main landmarks of Berlin.
It is precisely this aspect which I think is quite remarkable. The architecture is turned into a public building of interest and one of the most visited in Berlin.
Foster’s dome is the reconstruction of the original dome of the building on the basis of the original work of German architect Paul Wallot, who won the competition to build the building that was destroyed during World War II. Therefore, this adds to the building a strong symbolic and historical value for German people
I think that the project features a precise form as it still keeps the technical complexities. No wonder that it is an urban tourism attraction and a building of national importance.

The logic I see here is different from other comparable strategies that have been conducted in different cities, where the building is intended to be a single element, striking and one of a kind such as the Guggenheim Bilbao, for example.

The dome here becomes an element of travel as there are views to the city and it is naturally lit while the main hall features mirrors.
The building is completed with a mobile lattice which gives access to the direct sunlight. Finally what I want to stress is the political strategy of using a great architectural project as a way of promoting a public building, an urban attraction full of life.

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