Tuneful House: back to the lovely outside world

June 2, 2014 Comments Off on Tuneful House: back to the lovely outside world

The Tuneful House is located in a residential area where new houses are mixed with old ones. It is situated in Shiga Prefecture (Japan). Its external appearance is not so attractive as you may expect at first, it has strange vertical extensions on each side and three narrow holes on the front . So what ‘s good about this property ? We probably like it so much, because we appreciate the intimate and minimalist atmosphere of its interior spaces.
There are only two bedrooms, one for parents and one for the child, there is also some available space by the stairs. This space can be integrated with the lobby of the house or it could be configured as a closed room simply if wooden partitions are moved. We recognize throughout the house an interior atmosphere that as if gives back to the outside world and has no resemblance to what we normally find in any contemporary residential architecture. Many finishes are made of concrete in Tuneful House and they are combined with wood and carpeted floors.

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