Twin Peaks House – time for creepy architecture and style

February 18, 2013 Comments Off on Twin Peaks House – time for creepy architecture and style

This scary project involved the design of modifications and an extension to an existing house with some historical significance. The house is located in an area with cultural value. The house is intended for a family with three children. The proposal of the architects included three new rooms and a large family kitchen. The existing house includes now a new bathroom, a master bedroom, a study room and it has kept the original dining room.

The idea of the house revolves around finding a compatible but distinct relationship between the existing interior and the new addition. This was achieved by using contrasting black and old red bricks. The house looks like a lonely mansion, located in the end of the street and perhaps this is why it is called Twin Peaks house.

Although compatible in terms of proportion and alignment, the abstraction of new exterior and interior suggests a new relationship between the garden and the surrounding areas.
The new extension uses wooden planks which are painted in white, and a black inner liner to define the living spaces. Even though the architectural style is a bit of awkward and maybe creepy for some of us, the interior is both surprising and pleasant.

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