Unique Parasol Umbrellas – Tulip Parasols from MDT

September 1, 2009 Comments Off on Unique Parasol Umbrellas – Tulip Parasols from MDT

mdt-unique-parasol-umbrellas-tulip-1 You’ll be made in the shade with these unique parasol umbrellas from MDT. The Tulip Parasol features an unusual tulip-shaped shade that comes is a range of amazing colors and patterns, drawing as much attention for its beauty as for its brilliant sun protection. Available in round or square shapes and in a variety of sizes from four meters to nine-by-nine meters, can easily accommodate you, or you and a handful of your friends. These unique parasols feature a hand-crank system that opens and closes with ease, while the internal gears and drive mechanisms are maintenance free and the all materials and waterproof and rust-free. All that’s left to do is kick back and relax.


mdt-unique-parasol-umbrellas-tulip-2 mdt-unique-parasol-umbrellas-tulip-3 mdt-unique-parasol-umbrellas-tulip-4 mdt-unique-parasol-umbrellas-tulip-5 mdt-unique-parasol-umbrellas-tulip-6 mdt-unique-parasol-umbrellas-tulip-7 mdt-unique-parasols-tulip

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