Unusual Summer House hides behind fabric panels

June 16, 2009 Comments Off on Unusual Summer House hides behind fabric panels


Denmark’s Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter has designed this cool summer house in Jorlunde, with an “open concept” design. Taking their plan a step beyond the traditional definition, where rooms simply open onto one another, this modern home offers a seamless flow from outdoors in. The simple structure sits above ground on concrete pillars, cantilevered over the slightly sloping property. Framed in steel, the house boasts sliding glass walls that dissolve the inside-outside boundary when opened. Fabric panels along the home’s perimeter can be closed to provide privacy. But even when closed from public view, interior terraces open to the sky to maintain this unusual house’s connection to the great outdoors. As the sun travels across the sky throughout the summer day, the various strategically placed interior courtyards maximize natural light and warmth at any given time. Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter
via Arch Daily

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