Urban Chic Design For The Up-scale Bathroom

July 13, 2012 Comments Off on Urban Chic Design For The Up-scale Bathroom

Urban chic is elegant and sophisticated yet casual and understated. High rise bathrooms are a great place to incorporate this design style. Here are a few factors to consider when designing an up-scale bathroom:


Dramatic geometrics with colors such as muted purples and gold give an urban chic sophistication. Towels that are bronzed with plum, gold and black details add a gleaming brass tone. A jacquard loop construction with 100 percent cotton adds to the plushness of the hand and bath towels.

Other bath items that benefit from the same urban chic patterns are the wastebasket, tissue box, lotion pump, bath rugs, tumbler and soap dish. Urban chic shower curtains are made of fabric with a geometric pattern. They are trendy with modern and classy look. The color is neutral with a gold metallic design.

Antique nickel finishes also considered urban chic. The look is a gently-distressed metallic with an old world warm grey color. It can be used for faucets, knobs and handles.

Furniture and storage

Urban chic collections made of modules are the perfect way to combine function and design. The structures are simple and come with a variety of internal finishes and door options. They optimize and provide a place to store anything in the bathroom. Internal lighting and sockets for items such as hairdryers can be incorporated into the modules. They are a sophisticated way to add symmetry.

Pedestal sinks with oil-rubbed fixtures add to the sleek sophistication. Porcelain tile flooring, a glossy shower base and walls and a frameless shower door add an uptown appeal with downtown attitude.

Another perfect urban chic design is freestanding tubs and sinks. These are often seen in resort hotels and high-end apartments. The tubs and sinks are round with a warm soft touch. They are made of marble, polymers and resin and have a handcrafted finish. The composite stone is environmentally friendly and do not require sealing or special treatment. They are low maintenance and resist staining.

The 60 bathroom vanity single sink piece adds clean and fresh lines. Add brushed nickel hardware for a sophisticated look. Dimensions for this type vanity are usually 36 inches high x 60 inches wide x 22 inches deep. The top can be made of white marble or travertine and fits a single sink.

An elegant way to conceal the toilet cistern is with wall glass. The sleek panel is easy to install because it needs no structural alterations. Common colors include black, mint green or a polished white glass. The trim is a brushed aluminum and adds to the minimalist look. Urban chic is the perfect option for up-scale apartment bathrooms. The combination of sophistication with a minimalist approach is a design style that stands out, yet is understated.

60 inch bathroom vanity single sink

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