Urban Cottage for a retired couple

February 27, 2013 Comments Off on Urban Cottage for a retired couple

It might seem that this charming and modern house is in the middle of a forest, but it has been actually built in an urban area of Medina (Washington, USA). It is designated for a retired couple who wanted to keep their simple, but happy life, without the excesses of the luxurious houses in the neighborhood. For this reason the design of this home is similar to an urban cottage. The space was reduced to a minimum and now it occupies one floor. The roof is supported by the wall on the east side of the house, just very opposite of the glazed facade which offers spectacular views to the garden and the lush vegetation, surrounding ponds. But this house extends beyond the glass enclosures, through the roof, the courtyard next to the bedroom and, of course, he cozy south porch.
The small building is built with a combination of sustainable materials.

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