Villa in Quinta Patino I, FVArquitectos

October 26, 2012 Comments Off on Villa in Quinta Patino I, FVArquitectos

This property is located at Estoril (Portugal). It has a floor area of 700m2, and is bounded on its east side with a rock wall. The remaining area is occupied by gardens (natural grass), playgrounds, a swimming pool, and some trees that have been preserved. Despite not having secret info (photos), the project is quite attractive due to the strength of the volume, and gaps within it.
The floor of the house is a square. But the alternation of empty / full spaces creates facades which make the house look bigger than it actually is. We find remarkable the paneled vertical gardens, large wood panels which have been used as a shield to the heat.
A straight road leads to the main courtyard of the house. All rooms have private terraces. Very interesting is the relationship of the living room with the pool garden, through an intermediate zone (as a porch) that can be enjoyed outdoors. The house also has a basement, accessible from a staircase in the kitchen, we find bathrooms and storage facilities, as well as a garage for 5 cars, connected to the outside areas.
The exterior finish of the building adds impressive touch to the structure.

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