Vintage bathtub designs

March 26, 2010 Comments Off on Vintage bathtub designs

 new-bathtubs-regia-vintage-1 new-bathtubs-regia-vintage-2

new-bathtubs-regia-vintage-3There’s a very good reason vintage never goes out of style! These new bathtubs by Regia are so sleek, so elegant, they’re totally timeless. These vintage bathtub designs boast strong lines and sexy curves in their masculine yet feminine forms. The square shape is simple, and whether you go with the white or black design, these tubs will make a bold statement in your bathroom. Pair them with your favorite faucets and hardware to infuse this simple design with some individual flair. Choose clean, contemporary chrome fixtures for a modern, minimalist look, or take this versatile vintage bathtub to the other end of the style spectrum with some lavish gold or bronze antique-style faucets – the look is pure luxury. To learn more about these chic vintage bathtubs, visit Regia.

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