Vintage design trends for your home

July 4, 2011 Comments Off on Vintage design trends for your home

The vintage trend penetrates into all areas of our lives. You will find vintage trend not only in the fashion, but also the interior of your home.
For this aim, you can involve vintage elements of the past such as furniture, bedside tables, lamps, chairs etc. They are both interesting and eye-catching.
The vintage style represents the past and it easily adapts to the new modern trends. Therefore, the vintage style is ideal if we want to decorate our bedroom aesthetically. Surely we need to use only a few elements which would highlight the room. Look at the photo which presents a shelf and an antique chair that ideally fit in the ambience which also has a flat screen monitor.
If we have furniture in the room, we do not have enough space to store our staff. If you’re looking for a way give a vintage touch to your room, you can use any of the items which are shown on the photos.
Do you look for antique beds to give the vintage touch to your room? Antique beds probably are not very comfortable or stable, so you should repair them before you start using them for sleeping. You can complement your vintage bed linens in pastel colors with floral designs that suit this style.
You can also add a special touch to your vintage style if you use decorative elements. There are old accessories which are very nice and easy to utilize if place them on your bedside table or hang them on your walls.

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