Wall decorations- best ideas

June 13, 2011 Comments Off on Wall decorations- best ideas

The decoration of walls in your house can absolutely change the proportions, ambience and the way you feel in your room. Before you proceed with changing the colour of your wall, a great idea will be to use a colour which contrasts with other elements in the room. Also, you have a variety of materials which you can make use of.
Natural materials: Stones, bricks and wood are commonly used materials. The thicker the material, the more informal and rustic your environment will be. If you use finer elements, the effect will be associated with formal atmosphere. For example, you can make an experiment with the wall where you have your fireplace placed.
Wall paintings can totally express your passions and personal tastes. Also, they transform your ordinary room into a stylish residential space. You can also apply beautiful wallpapers as they come in various themes: sports, nature, optical illusions, photos of cities, etc. If you do not want to put your overall interior idea at risk, instead of covering the entire wall, you can also try stickers or vinyl stickers since they come in smaller sizes.

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