Wallaby Lane House: a linear and stylish structure

February 19, 2014 Comments Off on Wallaby Lane House: a linear and stylish structure

Wallaby Lane House is built within an elongated 2-hectare area in Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia). The main building has a linear structure, following the topography of the land and we like the way materials are applied to the area.
Although we see the lines of the house, it’s not linear inside, because all rooms occupy roughly square areas. There are three bedrooms, but none of them has a partition into direct contact with another and the purpose of this was to ensure maximum privacy.
The main terrace is protected by a separate shed and it is accessed through large sliding doors of the dining room and the lounge. Other spaces such as the bathroom and sauna are in the less sunny part of the house, but they are well connected to the other units. We consider this a project with an impeccable organizational scheme.
Would you live in such a beautiful house?

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