WAY: certified wood kitchen from Snaidero

March 5, 2012 Comments Off on WAY: certified wood kitchen from Snaidero

The kitchen WAY is created without any excessive decorations that hinder the clean, elegant design. However, it is very demanding in the details and especially with a careful selection of materials that make it look like as natural as possible. It is not surprising that the wood is the predominant material that is combined with lacquered metallic finishes. The concept is diverse as the manufacturer Snaidero has chosen 100 variants of colors and finishes.

Especially interesting is the proposal with color ‘oak smoke'(natural). It is a raw oak which after a treatment modifies colors yellow and green to a brown color. The wooden smoke is achieved with special treatment that intensifies the texture, resembling a naturally aged oak. Other finishes which are very elegant are ‘cinnamon nut’ and ‘pure oak’.
Also, the kitchen WAY is designed following sustainability criteria, so the wood is FSC certified, panels have very low formaldehyde emission (less than half of the E1 European standards).

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