Weekend House- a retreat by David J. Weiner

January 6, 2012 Comments Off on Weekend House- a retreat by David J. Weiner

 This house was designed for a Japanese client who wanted a home to enjoy his weekends in a farm located in Rensselaer County (New York, USA). The farm has great views to the hills of Berkshire.
It occupies an area of 111m2 and also serves as a studio, formed by mixing two architectural volumes. The building’s facade reflects the sun and it has quite a tricky effect, because once inside one will notice that the space which forms the main hall is not as exposed to sunlight  as it looks like from the outside. Further exploring the floor plan, we see that the room is the sunniest part of the bedroom, while the main building houses the kitchen and a bathroom. The latter are not exposed to natural sunlight as they cannot benefit properly from the glass facades.
The terrace provides a wonderful views to the surrounding area. We admit that the  final result is quite interesting, not only due to the design idea, but also by the way the house was built.

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