Weinfelden House in Switzerland

December 3, 2013 Comments Off on Weinfelden House in Switzerland

Weinfelden House is located at the side of a residential area in Thurgau, Switzerland. It has an architectural style that is far from the traditional style in the region. The house is built at three levels and first two of them seem to be in a semi-basement. The house exudes a sense of serenity and it’s a home for a single family home. The interior is also magnificent and we are impressed with wooden elements.
For both interior and exterior finishes, designers have used white pine wood. On the southern side there is a long terrace which is linked to the main area of the house (living room, kitchen), kids’ room and guest rooms. The house provides protection from the solar radiation in summer and allow the warmth go inside the house in the winter. We truly like the idea of a glass facade. The house has a geothermal heating system.
The top floor is where you will find the master bedroom with its own bathroom and sauna, along with a spacious terrace.

EFH Tinner Weinfelden

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