Wentworth Road House: a gem that combines great views and privacy

July 18, 2014 Comments Off on Wentworth Road House: a gem that combines great views and privacy

Wentworth Road House is in a residential neighborhood overlooking Sydney Harbour (Australia). It is a project that uses in its composition a variety of materials and elements for different outer blocks.
Downstairs area is a fully dedicated to family living spaces, two related to a front terrace rooms, while the kitchen and dining room are located at the back, overlooking the pool and backyard. Also on this level we find a room with several desks, plus a toilet and a sink. At this point it is important to note that the access to each floor of the house is a different ladder. The main one is the one that connects the ground floor with the floor of the bedroom, where three of them are very similar in size. At this level we will see another family room, and suite for parents. The other bathroom is shared between two of the bedrooms. From a small terrace, located down the hall, there is a metal spiral staircase leading to the roof.
We have really liked the fine details in wood, steel, and stone that are inside, an example of this is the main wooden staircase. Overall, this is a very transparent building facade, but it also well protects the privacy of its occupants.

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