Why Good Lighting is Crucial to Interior design

April 16, 2013 Comments Off on Why Good Lighting is Crucial to Interior design

When it comes to interior design, it is common enough for designers to overlook certain details that, despite appearing minor, can actually have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a person’s property. One of these seemingly small but incredibly important aspects is that of lighting. The quality of a house’s lighting can have an effect on the way people perceive the rooms as well as having a profound effect on mood and behaviour. Good lighting plays an integral part in a person’s day-to-day life, especially in their own home, but it’s one of those things consistently taken for granted. Half the time, we don’t even notice how the light in a room might be affecting us.

 What, then, can designers do to utilise lighting to the best of their ability? First things first, you must always be mindful of size. The size of a room should dictate how much lighting is fitted and what sort. A single bulb in a large room will do nothing but the make the room seem dark and dingy, too many and you run the risk of replicating a clinical doctor’s office. It’s tricky to find that right balance, but it can be done. An understanding of a room’s function is also important when it comes to interior design; a kitchen should focus on high visibility, a bathroom on flexibility. The lighting in every room should be catered for the various needs and requirements of the people living in it, and this must come first over the general aesthetic. It doesn’t matter how nicely the lights are designed if they don’t work the way they should or if they’re giving the people using them a migraine. Instead there should be a focus on high-quality, energy-efficient lights available from companies such as Litecraft.

Lighting can also have an effect on colour, further emphasising its crucial role in interior design. How many times have you seen an item of clothing that looked great in the shop, only to immediately appear hideous as soon as you get it home? It’s not your mind playing tricks on you, it’s all to do with the lighting and how it differs from place to place. Good lighting helps us to see colours clearer and with more clarity, and poor lighting can turn that wall painted in your favourite colour into a dreary nightmare. Alternatively, over-exposure will reveal the streaks in the paint or any other imperfections in the decorating process. It’s all about crafting a fine balance.

When you stop and think, it becomes clear just how important a design factor it is. Lighting can create ambience, make a room appear colder or cosier as well as helping us see things clearer. Lighting goes beyond mere sight in the realm of interior design. Time and time again, a distinction has been made between the lighting used in commercial buildings and that in personal spaces. Office lighting has a reputation of being rather bright and often contributes to a professional atmosphere, whereas a home will have a wide variety of light in place, from dimmer switches to desk lamps. In the home, more diversity is called for; lighting in the living room will not be the same kind fitted in the bathroom or the bedroom. It all depends on the environment a designer is trying to create.


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