X House: House with many terraces in Jalisco

September 19, 2012 Comments Off on X House: House with many terraces in Jalisco

Perhaps the first impression upon seeing the façade of X House is that this is a modern church, but in reality it is a contemporary interpretation of a particular architectural style, typical for 60ties. This is the House X, a terraced house built in a residential neighbourhood of Jalisco (Mexico).
The building features different touches (white concrete), visible from the outside and that leaves some narrow gaps between them. The area which marks the main entrance features a wooden embossed pattern which is repeated also upstairs. The secondary door, leading to the garden, is in the same white as the rest of the façade.
A significant detail is how the staircase, leading to the garage floor, is illuminated: through a horizontal hole there is flash of light.
Bear in mind that there are slight differences between the plans for the project and the end result, but still it is very easy to understand the distribution of this property. The exterior is balanced within truly find modern spaces, which include:
• The staircase leading to the bedrooms
• The bathrooms in the rooms, especially the way they are arranged, and finished with marble and glass.
Take a look at the photos and let us know what you think about this gorgeous house!

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