Yandex Office in St. Petersburg / Za Bor Architects

November 24, 2014 Comments Off on Yandex Office in St. Petersburg / Za Bor Architects

Yandex office in St. Petersburg is much special. It is the most striking and unusual office of the company and it presents original visual solutions. While the company has been developing dynamically in recent years, they have required more space for new offices. So they started with 1,800m2 in St. Petersburg in 2008, and in 2014 the office has occupied three floors and approximately 10,000m2. The latest, the fourth building, occupies the third floor of the business center Benua. Because architects were familiar with both the downtown business area, and customer’s requirements, the project has been smoothly implemented. The client wanted to see an interesting office, combined with a visually striking part located on the fifth floor, and the simplest offices on the fourth floor.
As a result, the office has the advantage of obtaining the best solutions style, created over the years of work. The design has changed several times since new design solutions related with corporate customer symbols have been also created. Now there is a new story about Yandex, many plans have become 3D and they have appeared as “contours” shaped cuts in the walls to create recognizable outlines of familiar symbols for millions of users search engines.
The building is constructed with eco-friendly materials and finished art pieces.

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