Zamel House: attractive beach house with great premises

November 4, 2011 Comments Off on Zamel House: attractive beach house with great premises

This Zamel House is a beach villa with wonderful ocean views. It is located in the bay of  Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico. Architects were challenged to design a building that has all breathtaking panoramic views from all main rooms.
The construction is slightly elevated at the level of the beach and is accessed by stairs, leading to the swimming pool or through the main entrance on the opposite side. It is the most outstanding entrance that we have seen so far. The shape of the house is like the letter “L” and it seems that it crosses the water surface.

The living room and the kitchen (first level), and the main bedroom (second level) are built in such a way that they have both pool and beach views. The other two rooms are accessed only if you pass the bathroom.  This organization appears to be provoked by the presence of the water level at the ground floor and two bathrooms that obviously share vertical installations, but we don’t find it relevant and certainly no guest will feel comfortable. But this attractive house has another feature that we don’t like: there is a glass wall between the bathroom and the toilet.  Other shortcoming is the too dark area around the swimming pool. Actually the courtyard and the swimming pool should be bright enough and enhance the visual beauty of Zamel house.
Overall, we find that the architecture is a nice idea that needs some improvement.

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